Film & TV Acting Class

for Adults


Sundays 5:45 – 8:45pm





All Classes at:  Actor’s Edge
1025 Monterey Street, Downtown SLO


Come learn the same techniques taught in Los Angeles’ and New York’s top acting studios, and used by many of the world’s most accomplished theater and film actors.


Learn to make any performance, on stage or on screen, more powerful, dynamic, and authentic. Whether you are acting in a thousand seat theater, filming a close up, or auditioning in a casting director’s office, the tools taught at this studio will enable you to create performances that resonate with deep emotional truth and separate you from other actors.


Aaron combines what he has learned training in LA’s elite acting studios with his nearly 20 years of on stage and on set experience as an professional actor, director, and producer, to teach students what they really need to know to book more roles and deliver dynamic, memorable, and powerful performances.


Students keep their skills sharp by putting up a scene or monologue at least twice a month in class.  Whether you enroll for fun, to pursue acting as a passion, or as a profession, this is the place to take your acting to the next level.




Actor’s Edge is the premiere training center on the central coast for students looking to excel in the area of acting for film and television. There are many technical and creative aspects of acting for the camera that require an entirely different skill set from stage acting and those skills are taught and practiced at Actor’s Edge.


Students are given the opportunity to film their scenes in class (on HD format), so they experience first hand the difference between theater and film acting and are able to build a demo reel, giving them an excellent resource to show producers, directors, casting directors or agents, or simply to keep as a record of their own creative achievements.


Students of all skill levels are welcome!!

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