Spring / Summer

Film & TV Acting Program

with audition training clinic!



PLUS Optional  


May 5th – Aug 11th (no class July 7th)


Optional Hollywood Industry Showcase: Currently planned for Aug 17th


Youth class (age 8-11)
12:00 – 2:00


Teen class (12-16)
3:35 – 5:35


different tuition rates allow for other summer travel & other commitments!


$640 (all 14 classes) 

$605 (any 13 of 14 classes) 

$580 (any 12 of 14 classes)

(monthly payment plans & cash discounts available! – tuition as low as $138 per month or $580 total)


Optional Hollywood Showcases are an additional $95 to $195



Class Description:


From Script to Screen!


This course gives young actors a comprehensive overview of film / tv acting and culminates with an optional trip to Hollywood where students meet, perform for, and learn from some of Los Angeles’ top youth talent agents and other entertainment industry professionals!


Throughout the course, students are in a positive creative environment that makes learning the craft of acting fun!


Students work with scripts from real films and TV shows and learn techniques to bring any character to life. In addition to working with scripted material, students stretch their creative muscles with guided improvisation, emotional explorations, imagination activation, and other acting based exercises.


We are proud to have heard from past students and parents, that this course helps develop confidence and communication skills that extend beyond acting and into many aspects of life!


This course also introduces students to includes an introduction to our audition technique clinic where students learn the unique art of auditioning for film / tv roles. Each actor goes through multiple on camera mock auditions using real audition scripts from film / tv projects. Students learn the technical elements actors are expected to know in the audition room (a lot more than you may expect), as well as pro tips on how to create a three dimensional character with little preparation time and no other actors in the room to act with! We make it fun and break it down step by step, so our students can approach auditions with confidence and a sense of play.


At the end of the season all student projects are projected on the big screen in our full sized movie theater for their graduation screening!




Class location is 1025 Monterey Street in San Luis Obispo, CA


Samples of Student Created Films/Videos