Success Stories

Aaron Metchik has taught, coached, or directed series regulars, leads in studio movies, co star, guest stars, and actors just beginning their careers.  Just a few of those actors are listed below! 

Zac Efron

Long time private acting coach to Zac Efron (As featured on E. True Hollywood Story.)   – Baywatch, Neighbors 1 & 2, Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates, That Awkward Moment, 17 Again, The Lucky One, High School Musical 1,2,&3

Disney Star Tiffany Thornton

(Sonny With A Chance, So Random!)

Kathleen Rose Perkins

(Series Regular in Netflix’s I Am Not Okay With This, Series Regular in Episodes, & Colony, Shawna Kelly in Gone Girl)


Other credits include American Housewife, Single Parents, You’re The Worst, Fresh Off The Boat, and more!)

McKinley Freeman

(Series Regular Hit The Floor & Daytime Divas)

Joanna Jones

Currently performing the roles of Peggy & Maria in HAMILTON on Broadway!

Other credits include Hairspray Live!

Haley Sanchez

(Series Regular, HBO’s Generation)

“Aaron genuinely cares about his students. He really helps you become the best actor you can be whatever skill level you’re at. I took Aaron’s classes and continue to coach with Aaron. We worked on my self-tape and callback for Generation together. In both coaching and his classes Aaron allowed me to see things that I never knew were there. Aaron helps actors understand their character’s worlds on a deep level, and ultimately makes sure we never feel like characters at all, but like real, authentic human beings.”

Harmeet K. Pandey

Series Regular on Diary of a Female President

“Aaron is such an amazing coach. He coached me and filmed the audition tape for Diary of a Female President. I feel I got the show, in large part, thanks to Aaron’s coaching, and I continue to coach with him on many of our episodes. Aaron really helps me bring characters to life and to discover the potential in every moment of a script. After our first day working together I knew he is probably the best coach I have had. Whenever I get coached by him I nearly always get a callback. I can tell that Aaron loves doing this and he always has an energy that makes working together a lot of fun. I am very happy I found Aaron and I hope to continue working with him for a long time!”

Sacha Carlson

BOOKED Kenny Ortegas Netflix Series “Julie and The Phantoms”!

Sacha Carlson signed with The Savage Agency after meeting them at our Hollywood Showcase. He since BOOKED American Housewife, and the role of “Farkle” in FOX’s “Christmas Story Live!” opposite Matthew Broderick & Maya Rudolph! He has also gotten final callbacks for lead roles on multiple new TV series’! Sacha was also put under contract by Nickelodeon after they named him one of their 8 young actors to watch, – with an option to pick up a TV series with him!

“I would not be where I am today in my career without Aaron. He is a master at his craft and to have him as an acting coach is a privilege. I have learned how to break down scenes, commit to playing characters, to take risks as an actor, and much more including strong audition technique. I’ve always felt comfortable and safe in his classes to be vulnerable and explore my emotions. Through his workshops, he gave me an opportunity to showcase my ability in front of agents in Los Angeles which got me my agent and set me on my path. I owe it to Aaron!”

Jacob Manown

(A.P. Bio (series regular), Station 19, You’re The Worst, Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds)

“I have been seeing Aaron Metchik for a while now for coaching sessions for my auditions as well as taping auditions to be submitted to casting offices. Aaron has been an extremely amazing and helpful coach. He gets back to me very quickly and I am able to make an appointment without any problems. He is reliable and always brings in great ideas. He is also great at giving me corrections and directing me where I need to go with my character. When we are taping an audition for casting, he is very professional and the tapes always come out perfect with great sound and lighting. Aaron is very approachable and makes coaching fun. He has been an amazing coach and I will continue to see him all of my coaching needs. I am very grateful that I was able to find Aaron Metchik and I recommend him highly!!!!”

Rachel Boston

(Seal Team, The Good Doctor, Series Regular Witches of East End & In Plain Site and lead in numerous movies, )

Max Torina

Just booked a lead role in new Disney Channel Movie, “Upside Down Magic” & has a recurring role on “Raven’s Home” this season.

Other credits include Animal Kingdom and Sydney to the Max.

“With a friendly welcoming environment and incredible coaching, I love Actor’s Edge. Not only that, I have really felt myself improve during the time I’ve spent here. Outstanding!”

Senta Moses

(Series Regular Bella and the Bulldogs, Faking It, & General Hospital)

Other credits include Little Fires Everywhere, Jane The Virgin, Girl Meets World, and more!)

Chris Reinacher

(Superstore, The Mindy Project, Youtube Star, Former Buzzfeed Star)

Amy Rutberg

(NCIS: New Orleans, FBI, Daredevil, Beerfest, The Blacklist, The Good Wife)

Nolan Gross

American Horror Story, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Masters of Sex, Terminator Genisys, Noah

Lulu Lambros

Recurring on Disney Channel’s “Stuck In the Middle”!

Catherine Fisher

Catherine Fisher signed with Artistic Talent after an Actor’s Edge showcase and Booked a co starring role on NBC’s Crowded, and more recently Booked a co-starring role on Young Sheldon.

Matthew J. Evans

(Bad Teacher, Dismissed, and numerous TV credits)

Madeleine Byrne

Series Regular/Lead on “Turnt”

Marley Garner

Marley will be playing the role of Young Bonnie on Season 2 of the HBO hit “Big Little Lies” starring Reece Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman.

Marley has also booked national commercials for Target, Chase Bank, Iam’s dog food, and done print campaigns for for Gap, ATT, Converse, Sketchers, and many more big brands!

Signed with mega agency CESD after an Actor’s Edge Hollywood showcase.

Maleah Goldberg

Maleah Goldberg booked a guest starring role on “On My Block” (NETFLIX), and a web series pilot produced for Jaden Smith.

Grant Ginter

recently BOOKED a co-star role on Black-ish!

Tina Green

Guest stars on episode 7 of Love Daily, just released on Hulu!

Recently booked a guest starring role in the season finale of Ryan Murphy’s Feud!

Josie H

Josie booked a guest starring role on episode 5.12 of Black-ish!

Josie also booked a role in Maddy Paz is a Noob, now streaming on Dreamworks TV/Amazon!

Lala Nestor

Booked roles in Jimmy Kimmel Live, Conan, and a lead role in a new feature film, My Daughter’s Kidnapping

Cheyanna Prelesnik

Cheyanna Prelesnik booked a speaking role on General Hospital

John Marrs

Actor’s Edge adult student, John Marrs, after only 4 months of joining class, and having never acted before, had two movies premiere in the same week!  John played the lead role in a Cal Poly produced short film premiering at the Palm Theater in Slo. The other was through UCSB, premiering at the Pollack Theatre on UCSB campus!  Later, in the same month, John got cast in a civil war movie for Orange County School of the arts.  Heck of a good start, John!

Carissa & Coen Carlberg

BOTH signed with talent agents they impressed at our last Hollywood Showcase! – Here’s a pic with the Carlberg siblings at the showcase with Disney Star Joey Bragg.

Pamela Fisher

signed with 90210 Talent Agency after impressing them at our recent Hollywood Industry Showcase

Eric Guisinger

Adult class student, Eric Guisinger booked a five day shoot for Investigation the Discovery Channel series DIABOLICAL, and a lead role in the pilot, Trip From Hell. Eric signed with First Class Talent Agency after impressing them at our Hollywood Industry showcase.

Delaiah Hastie

Adult class student Delaiah Hastie signed with The Savage Agency after impressing them at our last Hollywood Showcase and recently BOOKED a UCLA thesis film!

Dylan Cox

Dylan Cox got meetings with 3 agents after one of our Hollywood Trips.

Debbie Tiedje

recently got called in to audition for two national commercials

Hailey Silveira

Teen student, Hailey Silveira, BOOKED a music video with Lily Kincade, got a callback to play a lead role in a major new cartoon series.

Keegan Young

Keegan BOOKED a Kool Aid commercial and BOOKED a print ad for Sportsmaster.  Keegan signed with his talent agent at HRI after impressing them at one of our Hollywood Showcases!  

Actor’s Edge Cast!

Check out the awesome trailer to the film “Liquify” HERE

Nearly half the cast are actors from our sunday night film acting class for adults at Actor’s Edge in San Luis Obispo! – including Nicole Kearns playing the lead role!

Xochtle Sandoval

Actor’s Edge youth student, Xochtle Sandoval had 5 meetings with different agencies who she met at our last industry showcase. 

Shane Kennedy

Shane Kennedy signed with Artistic Talent after an Actor’s Edge Hollywood showcase.

Saige Gardner

Saige Gardner got three agency meetings after our Hollywood trip, signed with Aqua Talent and booked a commercial for Houzz.com.

Evan Danell

Evan Danell signed with Linda McAlister Talent after meeting at one of our industry showcases and recently got a call back for Modern Family!

Bianca Figeuroa

Bianca Figeuroa BOOKED this awesomely creepy role in an American Horror Story promo!   Check her out at this link – warning, she may give you nightmares!  

Actually, Bianca is one of cutest, sweetest girls in the world.  Don’t believe us, check her out in this Hyundai commercial she BOOKED.  http://youtu.be/L6Rta1HRa7M


Sophia Figueroa

BOOKED a national ATT commercial!

Maci Christianson

Maci Christianson signed with Artistic Talent Agency after meeting them at one of our Hollywood Trips. Since then, she has network tested for the lead role in a new Nickelodeon series, appeared in a Smash Hit SNL video and played a major role in the critically acclaimed art film “White Shoe.”

Randy Pound

Former Student Randy Pound played one of the hamsters in the hugely popular 90 second Kia Soul Commercial set to Lady Gaga’s “Applause” that premiered during the MTV Music Video awards. We never thought we’d enjoy a minute and a half long commercial, but we’ve watched this one again and again! The commercial can be seen HERE and you can see Randy featured in the “making of” video HERE!

Christian Sarantos

Christian Sarantos booked the short film, “Dark Things”.

Annika Munoz-Christian

Annika Munoz-Christian got a meeting with 90210 Talent Agency after meeting them at one of our Industry showcases.

Jenna Clift

Jenna Clift signed with Origin Talent Agency

Isaac Walters Caap

Isaac Walters Caap got a meeting with artistic talent and signed with Origin talent after an Actor’s Edge Industry Showcase.

Lucas Antoine

Dylan Becket, Sabrina Ornellas, Ashley Ornellas, DaSha Olivarez, Mikaela Pitts and Lucas Antoine, filmed a commercial for Adventure Time on The Cartoon Network, that premiered at Comicon and was featured in the LA TIMES. The director called Aaron, knowing he works with talented kids, and nearly his entire cast ended up being kids from Aaron’s youth class.

Ashley Danell

Ashley Danell signed with HRI talent after meeting them at our Hollywood Showcase!

Jeffery Mason

Jeffery Mason got a meeting with Avalon Artists Group after one of our Hollywood Trips.

Madeleine Horowitz

Madeleine Horowitz signed with HRI Talent Agency after our last Hollywood Industry Showcase!

Jerica Schmidt

Jerica Schmidt got a meeting with major talent agency CESD after one of our Hollywood Trips.

Dalton Miller

” I took three classes with Aaron, signed with an agent on the LA trip, and booked a national Volkswagen commercial on my second audition!” – Dalton Miller

Dalton Miller has since booked at PSA for the Motion Picture Association

Chloe Miller

Chloe Miller signed with Artistic Talent after an Actor’s Edge Hollywood showcase.

Carly Goldstein

Carly Goldstein got two agency meetings after one of our Hollywood Trips and signed with Avalon Artists Group.

Allyssa Bellrose

Allyssa Bellrose got a meeting with 90210 Talent Agency after one of our Hollywood trips.

Christian Cockrell

Christian Cockrell got a meeting with 90210 Talent Agency after one of our Hollywood trips.

Ross Padalino

Ross Padalino signed with Mavrick Artists Agency and got an audition for a Kohls commercial after only 1 session at Actor’s Edge.

Anthony Hernandez

Anthony Hernandez signed with Linda McAlister Talent after one of our Hollywood Trips.

Claire Scattini

Claire Scattini got meetings with The Savage Agency and Avalon Artists after our Hollywood Trip and signed with Artistic Talent!

Luke Hansen

Luke Hansen got two agency meetings after our Hollywood trips and signed with Mavrick Artists Agency.

Gracey Davis

Gracey Davis got a meeting with 90210 Talent after our Hollywood Trip.

Jessica Roselius

Jessica Roselius signed with Lewis and Beal Talent Agency after our Hollywood trip.

Maria Castellano

Maria Castellano signed with the Jack Lipman Agency after our Hollywood Trip.

Rayna Bochum

Rayna Bochum signed with the Reign Agency after our Hollywood Trip.

Kaitlyn Fitzenberger

Kaitlyn Fitzenberger got 3 agency meetings after our Hollywood Trips.

Debbie Ramirez

Debbie Ramirez got meetings with 3 agents after our Hollywood Trips and signed with the Brogan Agency.

Kathy Cardiel

Kathy Cardiel earned a meeting with Bobby Ball Talent Agency after an Actor’s Edge Hollywood showcase.

Deliah Hastie

Deliah Hastie signed with The Savage Agency after impressing them at an Actor’s Edge Hollywood showcase.

Gabrielle Rivera

Gabrielle Rivera booked an Adidas print modeling job after earning meetings with three agents after an Actor’s Edge Hollywood showcase and signing with 90210 Talent.

Troy Abrams

Troy Abrams signed with Lewis and Beal talent Agency after our June 15th Hollywood Trip and booked a Hopkins Golf Shop Commercial, viewable here – http://vimeo.com/70525336

Jack Blazy

Jack Blazy signed with Aqua Talent after our LA Trip and has had dozens of auditions for film, tv, and commercial roles.

Alli Mundee

Alli Mundee signed with Avalon Artists Group after an Actor’s Edge Hollywood showcase.

Nicolette File

Nicolette File signed with 90210 Talent Agency after an Actor’s Edge Hollywood showcase.

John Spencer

John Spencer File got 3 agency meetings after an Actor’s Edge Hollywood showcase. and signed with 90210 Talent Agency.

Jenna Butz

Jenna Butz signed with BBR talent agency after an Actor’s Edge Hollywood showcase.

Arella Danell

Arella Danell got a meeting with Abrahms Artists and signed with Linda McAlister Talent after an Actor’s Edge Hollywood showcase.  She recently got called in to audition for Modern Family.

Matt Grzincic

Matt Grzincic  booked a featured role opposite HBO star Steve Little (Eastbound & Down) and Comedian Melinda Hill in the  web/tv series “Romantic Encounters with Melina Hill.”

Levi Chernekoff

Levi Chernekoff got 5 agency meetings after an Actor’s Edge Hollywood showcase. and signed with CESD commercially and Linda McAlister Talent theatrically.

Catherine Fisher

Actor’s Edge teen student BOOKED a Co-Starting role on the NBC series “Crowded”!

Mikaela Pitts

Mikaela Pitts got 6 agency meetings after an Actor’s Edge Hollywood showcase and signed with Aqua Talent Agency. Since then she’s been cast in a “feed the children” PSA and an adventure time commercial for the cartoon network.